Living in a

We all like to live in peace and harmony with the people around us. The key is understating that different people travel different roads to that end.
Living in a Condominium requires some attention over the rules and rights set forth legally by the General Assembly.

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Electronic Rental Receipt

Electronic rent receipts are now mandatory by law, the current legislation determines that all landlors have to issue them, excluding only landlords below the age of 65 with rents under €70.

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Prado in Algarve

On June of 2015 Prado Real Estate Services opens its first shop in Algarve.

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We Work to Improve our Costumer's Lives.

We're a Portuguese Company that has been providing quality real estate services for 15 years.
We invest in our staff's qualification so that we can provide our costumers' with a high quality service.

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